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Weekly 1.5 hour Spectrum Improv classes. Sessions include 8 classes, no drop -in classes.
Classes will maintain a predictable structure while focusing on a specific topic each week such as:
• Voice
• Facial Expressions
• Personal Space
• Eye Contact
• Emotions
• Conversation
• Points of View
• Peer relationship
• Problem Solving


The first hour includes group activities that use classic theater games as well as specific improv

activities designed by SI for individuals having social challenges. All participants will develop skills in
concentration, problem solving, creative expression and group interaction. All present are encouraged but not required to join in this joyful and creative play.

The remaining 30 minutes will include a review of games played in class and how the concepts

covered may be applied to other settings. Open discussion from participants, including questions and comments about the class, will also take place during this time. Refreshments and drinks provided.

Where, When , Time and Rate

Where: TBD

When:  TBD

Time: TBD

Rate:   $35.00 per 1.5 hour class  (for individuals signing up with a  caretaker age 18 years                     or older , an additional $ 15.00 per class for the caretaker attending) 


At time of first class- Cash or check made out to: On The Spectrum Improv
Or before class Payments May Be Made Here:
PAY PAL (coming soon)

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