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Identified Gender

At Spectrum Improv (SI) we strive to provide services to the broadest possible audience and strongly encourage neurodiverse alongside neurotypical individuals to participate. However, all students must be 18+ years and have good verbal skills in order to fully benefit from the improv games and activities.

Class groupings may be determined by the level of support participants need, if any.

Group 1
  • Identified as on the autism spectrum needing no or only minimal support (Level 1 ASD)

  • Has difficulty understanding the complexities of the social world.

  • Social communication disorder

  • Social anxiety


Group 2
  • Individuals on the autism spectrum who have good verbal skills but require regular support by a caretaker/family member.  The caretaker/family member must enroll in the class concurrently, at a reduced rate.

Preferred Group

Anyone requiring substantial support or displaying any type of aggression or defiance is not a suitable match for SI.

After submitting the application we will contact you to set up a brief phone call or video chat to determine whether SI classes are a good fit and to select the best initial class.

Thanks!  We'll be in touch.

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